Footballer Hospitalised After Flare Explodes Beneath Him


This is the shocking moment a flare was thrown from the stands before exploding directly beneath a goalkeeper at a football clash in France.

As you can see, Lyon goallie, Anthony Lopes, is being treated on the ground for an earlier injury when the flare hits him. As other players move out of the way the flare erupts beneath him resulting in him rolling around the pitch in agony.


Lyon’s club doctor was also caught in the blast and injured however it was Lopes who came off worst in the match between FC Metz and Lyon.

Players from both teams condemned the actions, visibly throwing their hands into the air at the crowd – however the chaos didn’t stop and the match was suspended for 45 minutes while Lopes was taken to hospital for emergency tests.


As crowds continued to be violent – throwing flares, missiles, and other debris onto the field the match was eventually called off entirely to be played at a later date.