Footballer Pays For Fan’s Damaged Ceiling After Late Goal Celebrations


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One football player has been a total hero and given something back to one fan.

Paul Anderson – who played for Ipswich at the coffee – saw a social media post from Ross Morgan, who claimed he’d punched his ceiling following a late equaliser.

His ceiling was destroyed after the equaliser against Norwich, and all football fans will probably understand how that can happen.

Anderson found the situation hilarious, and decided to shell out the £80 needed to fix the damage.

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Morgan claimed:

Ando offered to sort somebody to do it, the Ipswich kit man, but he obviously isn’t with the club anymore.

So I said I’d sort it myself and was let down by a few different people.

It’s now been repaired after a long time trying to get it sorted. He’s a top bloke.

Amazing stuff.