For Some Reason People Can’t Work Out Why This Girl ‘Has Three Legs’


Some mysteries were made to be unsolvable: Who is jack the Ripper? Do the Hanging Gardens of Babylon exist? Where is the Lost City of Atlantis?

The internet, as ever, is asking the important questions and the latest to confound spectators is, ‘What one earth is the deal with that three-legged girl?’

The most recent mystery to flood the web is a photograph of a young woman who appears to be sitting one not two, but three of her own legs.


The photograph shows a woman kneeling on the floor and – thanks to the mind-bending laws of optical illusion – it looks suspiciously like she has three legs.

The image has been viewed over 170,000 times, and the internet detectives have had varying degrees of success spotting the solution.

Some users have named the girl ‘tripod’ in their confusion, while others have jumped to the conclusion she has a penis.


However, some hawk-eyed viewers have spotted the source of the optical illusion. In actual fact, the woman is holding a camouflaged vase to her waist, which perfectly blends into her dress.

If you spotted it, take a break. You’ve urn’d it.