For Some Reason This Nutter Poked An Anaconda With A Stick



This video is a few years old now, but has been really big on Reddit recently. It’s very likely due to the ‘WTF IS HE DOING?’ factor.

I’m pretty afraid of snakes. I never used to be until I spent some time in a pet shop a few years ago, and ended up getting bitten a few times. Now I honk it when I’m at the zoo and see one behind the glass.

This nutcase is clearly not of my nervous disposition, and when finding one in the wild, instead of doing the correct thing and running for his life, he decides to poke it with a stick.

In the face.

I’m not exactly sure what he thought the best possible outcome of this would be.

Nicki Minaj sang a terrible song called Anaconda. Why doesn’t he go and poker her in the face with a stick instead?