For The Ultimate White Christmas Check Out This Cocaine In Film Supercut


If you’re dreaming of a White Christmas this year, fear not, because this new video totally has you covered.

Well, sort of.

The Huffington Post and videomaker Swede Mason have been kind enough to create a film supercut of just about every example of cocaine use from characters on the big screen.

And, it turns out, the movies really love to show people snorting the white powder.

From Scarface to Pulp Fiction, Airplane! to Superbad, Hollywood has always had a bit of a complicated relationship with drugs, and coke in particular.

Given how big an issue cocaine abuse remains in U.S. culture – the number of deaths due to cocaine overdoses has increased by 40 per cent in the last decade – Huff Post wanted to examine whether the drug is glorified on the big screen or represented as dangerous.

In the end, it’s a bit of both and liable to change from movie to movie.

While watching all this simulated cocaine use is almost enough to give you a nose bleed, it’s also pretty cool to see the likes of Tony Montana and Crocodile Dundee in the same video, to be honest.