Forget John Lewis, These Xmas Adverts With Jeff Goldblum Are All You Need This Year


Haven’t you heard, John Lewis have gone and done a Christmas advert?

Well, have you heard? Of course you’ve heard, everyone’s heard. But forget that emotional nonsense about a man on the moon, pulling on your heartstrings, the only adverts you need this festive period are these ones from Currys.

And why do you need these particular adverts? Because they feature the timeless acting talent that is Jeff Goldblum.

In the ads we see some stereotypical awakward Christams moments. But before things get too much and the holiday is ruined, Jeff steps in, imparting his sage-like wisdom upon these mere mortals.

Nanna’s hogging the TV with her old-timey Christmas films that no one wants to watch? Jeff knows what to do:

Turkey’s too dry? Fear not, Jeff’s on it:

Your husband bought you a bean jigsaw for a present? What a dick, but never mind, Jeff’s got you:

So there you go. Jeff Goldblum. Making it a merry Christmas for everyone.