Former Marine Now A Transgender Advocate For The LGBT Community



Matthew Avedian was once a Marine harbouring a huge secret, but in 2015, everything is different.

For three decades, Matthew, who now lives life as a woman called Sona, had it all. A loving wife, a daughter, and a dream job in the Marines.

But from an early age, Matthew felt he was really a woman. So, in November 2012, he decided to bravely follow his heart and begin the medical procedures to become a female.


This included taking oestrogen for eight months, breast implants, laser hair removal treatment, and very complex surgery – which resulted in the amazing transition from hairy bloke to a slender blonde woman called Sona.

Speaking about her decision, she said: “I had a great wife, a beautiful child and a well-paid job. But I could only hide so much. I was exhausted.”

“All these years I’d been living a lie and I realised it was time to be true to myself.”


Nowadays, Sona is a comedian, an advocate for the transgender community and a motivational speaker.

Great stuff, and a true role model for people struggling with identity issues.