Former Minneapolis Police Officer Claims Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict Is A ‘Tragedy’

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Apr 2021 16:30
Former Minneapolis Police Officer Claims Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict Is A 'Tragedy'CBS News/ABC News

A former Minneapolis police officer has described Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict as a ‘tragedy’, and fears that the outcome of his trial will spark a ‘new trend’ of cops being sent to prison.

The former officer spoke with Insider under conditions of anonymity, and stated that he had been surprised by the verdict.


Remarking ‘the whole thing is a tragedy’, the officer asserted his belief that the jury had been ‘under tremendous pressure to “make it right” for George Floyd’.

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This unnamed officer reportedly worked for the Minneapolis Police Department for almost three decades, handing his notice in mere days before the beginning of Chauvin’s murder trial.

He told Insider that he had been particularly shocked by how quickly members of the jury deliberated before giving the guilty verdict:


When they came back that quick, I knew he was screwed. I knew it. I’ve never seen, in all my years of work, a jury come back that quick on such serious charges. Never.

The officer also alleged that former co-workers had expressed disappointment with the outcome of the trial, with one ex-colleague describing Chauvin as a ‘sacrificial lamb’:

They all believe that Derek didn’t stand a chance at a fair trial.

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The officer continued:

The whole thing is a tragedy. George Floyd dying is a tragedy for sure. What happened to Chauvin’s family and his wife is horrible.

[…] The whole thing is just sad. It’s really upsetting to me. It’s a lose-lose deal for everybody.

The other three police officers who had been present when George Floyd was killed — Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng — are due to be tried together later on this year.

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    A former Minneapolis police officer called Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict a 'tragedy,' saying he fears it will start a 'new trend' of sending cops to prison