Former Miss World Becomes Mayor Of Gibraltar, Says It Will Always Be British

by : UNILAD on : 05 Apr 2017 12:27

Former Miss World has become Gibralter’s youngest mayor and declared that the often disputed territory ‘will always be British’.

Kaiana Lopez, 30, is the third woman to ever take on the role of mayor of the British Overseas Territory.

Lopez was crowned Miss World in 2009 and very proud to be British, and grateful to be given the opportunity to be mayor.


Speaking to the Daily Mail, Lopez said:

Gibraltar is British and always will be. Why would we ever want to change our flag?


She went on to say:

Having served as deputy mayor for the last few years I have witnessed the hard work and dedication required to fulfil this role.

I would therefore like to thank our former mayors for all they have contributed to the significance to the mayoralty.

The former beauty queen is credited with carrying ‘the dreams of Gibraltarians around the world’ and was awarded their medallion of honour.


Gibralter is British Overseas territory on the Southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, and Spain has endeavored to reclaim it since they captured it in 1704 in the  War of the Spanish Succession.

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    Former Miss World becomes mayor of Gibraltar and promises ‘We are British and always will be’