Former Neo-Nazi Claims Fox News Says The Same Stuff He Used To Say

by : Saman Javed on : 08 Mar 2021 18:36
Former Neo-Nazi Claims Fox News Says The Same Stuff He Used To SayPA/CNN

A former neo-Nazi recruiter believes Fox News has ‘completely radicalised’ many Americans with content not too dissimilar to things he used to say before his reform.

Frank Meeink, who has renounced his former views and now gives lectures about how to fight racism and extremism, previously served time in prison for violent crimes while he was a white supremacist gangmember.


In an interview with CNN on Saturday, March 6, Meeink said Fox News pushes a lot of the same ‘radical stuff’ he used to say. He also branded right-wing groups such as The Proud Boys as a ‘remarketed’ version of the KKK.

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In the segment, CNN’s Pamela Brown referenced last weeks news that the FBI has arrested a Trump-appointed aide in connection with the deadly riots at the US Capitol on January 6.

Surveillance footage from the insurrection allegedly shows Federico Klein, a former State Department aide, attempting to breach the Capitol building alongside a crowd of rioters.


‘How does a person become so radicalised and so lost in the conspiracy rabbit hole that he attacks the very government he is working for?’ Brown asked.

Meeink said the rise of extremism across the US is concerning, especially when it is attracting government employees and police officers.

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‘So I think for us to stop the radicalisation, we need to stop giving Americans red meat to fight over and let’s get true, real police reform,’ he said.


When asked about conspiracies surrounding the 2020 presidential election, Meeink said Fox News was feeding radicalism.

Fox News has completely radicalised so many Americans. If you look at Fox News and then you compare that to hate radio from Rwanda, and what started that civil war, there’s comparisons there.

‘We have to know that a lot of our fellow Americans, our fellow children of God, have been radicalised by a network of news,’ he said.

‘As a former radical, I can tell you, from watching Fox News all day, I can show you where they’re saying radical stuff that I used to say,’ he said, adding that in place of where he would talk about ‘Jews’, Fox News says ‘big media’.

Congress Finalises Biden’s Presidential Win After Violent Delay At The CapitolPA Images

‘They just swapped out a couple of words here and there,’ he said.

In his first public testimony since the January 6 riots, Christopher Wray, director of the FBI, said the problem of domestic terrorism in the US is metastasizing.

‘It’s not going away anytime soon. At the FBI, we’ve been sounding the alarm on it for a number of years now,’ he said last week.


Meeink said the QAnon conspiracy moment is a prime example of a domestic terrorist threat.

‘The neo-Nazi stuff that I belonged to is manifested in the QAnon, in the Proud Boys … when I see what I used to be, I see it in QAnon, I see it in the Proud Boys. Racism always just recycles itself. We can’t be the KKK anymore, so they can’t be neo-Nazi anymore. Now they are Proud Boys. It’s remarketing hate,’ he said.

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