Former Premier League Star Among Those Who Were Conned Out Of Millions In Scam

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jul 2015 15:11
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Former Premier League footballers are thought to be victims of a scam that has seen dozens of Brits lose millions of pounds in a property scam.


The scam, run by Frank Khoie, managed to convince people to invest in a UEA property development scheme buying luxury apartments, and has seen over 700 people affected, all losing either deposits or out right sums of cash for houses that were never even built in Dubai.

The Iranian developer managed to scam the Brits out of their money, promising dream homes that were never even started, and was jailed after a £9.5 million cheque bounced and people caught on to his con.


Former Liverpool player David Thompson claimed:


It started out as the perfect investment but after I put down the money everything went into a hole. I haven’t heard anything since.

Khoie had a big reputation and it seemed legitimate, but it all seems like a con now.

I invested £290,000 for 30 per cent of five apartments. I was going to sell three and buy the other two outright, using one as a holiday home and one for rental for income.

It’s left me with a sour taste in my mouth. You don’t mind as much losing money in a bad investment if it was a poor business decision but to be completely scammed is something else.

Two former Newcastle United players are also thought to have lost out on the deal that saw Frank Khoie jailed back in 2009 but released only a year later.

Many others are thought to have lost money in the pyramid scheme, that saw Khoie con them out of £50 million in total.

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