Fortnite Is Officially Back With Chapter 2 Trailer As Blackout Ends

by : Cameron Frew on : 15 Oct 2019 09:58
Fortnite Is Officially Back With Chapter 2 Trailer As Blackout EndsFortnite Is Officially Back With Chapter 2 Trailer As Blackout EndsFortnite/Twitter

Boats! Pogo sticks! Diving! The Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer has leaked – and it looks fantastic. 


Since Fortnite’s surge in popularity over the past few years, the cross-platform game has become somewhat of a religion, with tales of addiction and kids rinsing their parents’ bank accounts for V-bucks.

So when the game ‘got sucked into a black hole’ at the weekend, a meltdown swiftly followed – but don’t worry, thanks to Skin-Tracker, there’s a new trailer.

Check out the leaked Season 1 Battle Pass trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 below:


On October 13, an event known as ‘The End’ took place – the game appeared to disappear, leaving only a black hole when gamers logged in for a few sessions with their pals.

However, it’s unlikely (despite people’s wild hysterics) the game has ceased to exist – it’s all building hype for the next generation of the free-to-play sensation: Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite Black HoleFortnite Black HoleFortnite/Twitter

Data miner Skin-Tracker has allayed fans’ concerns, leaking a cinematic trailer and a Season 1 Battle Pass trailer for the game’s return. It features all the wild and wacky things you’d expect from Fortnite, but there’s some interesting developments.

Check out the cinematic trailer below:

As well as being able to fish (presumably for treasure, like weapons and med-kits), you’ll be able to travel around the large map by boat – a groundbreaking change that’ll speed up getting from A to B (that said, you’ll leave yourself like a sitting duck for keen snipers on the hills).

The trailer also hints at new ways to level up via medals, more than 100 new rewards, the ability to carry your downed teammates away from the heat of battle, and the ability to swim (so no more jumping in and out of  water).


This will be a relief for fans, who have largely been left in the dark since the game’s weekend outage. Hilariously, Elon Musk ‘claimed’ he was responsible.

He tweeted out a fake news article dating back to 2018, which claimed the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had bought and deleted Fortnite to ‘save these kids of eternal virginity’.

At the time it was written, Musk shared a screenshot, writing, ‘had to be done ur welcome’. Now, he’s shared the faux article once more, simply writing ‘haha’.

But for those dying to spend more V-bucks and floss with their mates, Fortnite Chapter 2 should be back soon – as per Eurogamer, the game’s update is now downloading for PC and console platforms.

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