Four Rides Shut At Alton Towers Amid More Chaos For The Park

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Another day, another ride closure at Alton Towers.

The latest ride to stall at the park was Th13teen, with a power cut forcing the ride to stop midway and riders having to be evacuated.

In what should be one of the park’s busiest periods, they have been marred with not only the crash that saw several people seriously injured and two females lose legs, but they have also seen rides break down on an almost daily basis.

Air and Sonic Spinball managed to stall on the two hottest days of the year, with several others already closed.

Park goers have taken to Twitter to lament the faults at Alton Towers, and you can only imagine that owners Merlin will once again be left red faced and embarrassed at the maintenance issues they seem to be facing, although at least this time no one was injured.