Four Year Old Cancer Patient Gets ‘Married’ To Her Favourite Nurse



One four year old cancer sufferer Abby Sayles had the day of her dreams when staff at Melodies Center in Albany, New York, pulled together a fairy tale princess ‘wedding’ for her.

Matt Hckings is Abby’s favourite nurse, and someone who she has developed a special connection with while receiving treatment in hospital, and when Matt realised how much Abby loved him, he and the rest of the hospital staff decided to give her a very special surprise.

Matt and Abby got ‘married’ and the leukaemia sufferer was able to be a princess for a day and at least have her mind taken off the health worries that she faces.


Matt claimed:

Being three when she was diagnosed, is something that’s tough for somebody.

It really is heart-warming, especially when you consider what the poor girl has to go through on a daily basis just to try and stay alive, and the fact that the nurse has gone out of his way to put a smile on her face restores your faith in humanity.