Fourteen Men Banned From Flying For Life After Being Thrown Off Jet2.Com Flight


Fourteen men have been banned from every flying with airline again, after being chucked off their flight.

The men were en-route to Tenerife on holiday, and found themselves in hot water, after consuming too much alcohol.

Not only did they become rowdy and were clearly drunk, they also threatened cabin crew, and caused a delay of around three hours on the flight.

After the flight made an emergency layover in Portugal, police boarded the plane and removed the men, all of whom have now been told they can never fly with the airline again.

hols1jet2 careers’s spokesperson claimed:

The Glasgow to Tenerife flight diverted to Faro on Friday evening so the airline could offload a group of 14 disruptive passengers.

Their behaviour towards the cabin crew got so aggressive and verbally abusive that the captain made the immediate decision to divert for the safety of both his team and the other customers.

The group were escorted off the aircraft by police in Faro and the flight continued on to Tenerife. has issued all 14 passengers with lifetime bans and is working closely with the authorities, who are investigating the incident.

planeaHuffington Post have made it very clear that they have a zero tolerance policy towards drunk people on flights, and launched the Onboard Together initiative to make fliers aware of this.

The airline have already banned multiple people since this came into force, and want a national database of rowdy fliers, who will be stopped from boarding any registered airline.