Fox News Anchor Eric Shawn Debunks Trump’s Election Fraud Claims Live On Air

by : Saman Javed on : 16 Nov 2020 16:52
Fox News Anchor Debunks Trump's Election Fraud Claims Live On AirFox News/PA

Fox News anchor Eric Shawn has debunked several of President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread electoral fraud as ‘baseless’ and ‘totally untrue’.

In a news segment on Sunday, November 15, Shawn described Trump’s claims as ‘conspiracy theories’ that undermine American democracy.


Speaking to several experts who had worked across the election, Shawn took an authoritative approach to reassure the public that the election was free and fair.

He asked Ben Hovland, the Trump-appointed chairman of the US Election Assistance Commission, to comment on the likelihood that the election was compromised.

You can watch it unfold here:



Hovland said it was ‘one of the most secure elections and one of the most well-run elections we’ve ever had’.

Shawn also commented on the detrimental impact Trump’s claims could have on the wider public.

He said:

This is about truth, about respecting our democracy, respecting our elections and focusing on what has really occurred.

The American people made their voice heard and when we spread conspiracy theories and we don’t back that up with facts it has an impact.


The news anchor also addressed Trump’s claims that Republican observers were blocked from watching votes being counted in Democrat-leaning Philadelphia.

Donald TrumpPA Images

In an excerpt of his Thursday, November 12, interview with Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican – also in the above video – Shawn is seen asking, ‘The president said observers were not allowed In the counting rooms is that true?’ To which Schmidt replied, ‘That’s totally untrue’.

He continued, ‘[Trump] said bad things happened that [Republican] observers were not allowed to see, is that true?’


Schmidt dismissed these claims as ‘absolutely false’, and said that he has seen no evidence of voter fraud in the city.

The news anchor also provided a statement from Dominion Voting Systems. The company has been at the heart of a conspiracy theory amplified by Trump, that the software used by several states deleted millions of Trump votes or switched them to Joe Biden.

U.S President Trump Roundtable on Border SecurityPA Images

This has been disputed by the company itself, as well as election-technology experts and fact-checking sites.


In its statement, Dominion Voting Systems said any vote deletion/switching assertions are completely false, that it is a non-partisan US company and that it works with all US political parties.

Shawn said:

But officials insist today there is no evidence of any widespread fraud affecting the outcome of the presidential election, that our precious democracy was not tampered with and such baseless, false claims are an insult to the thousands of election workers who we have seen dedicate themselves, 24/7, to ensure a fair and free election for all of us.

Since the outcome of the election, prosecutors have stated that any voter or election fraud allegations will be thoroughly investigated, ‘and if there was any wrongdoing, we will know about it’.

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