Fox News Anchor Tries To Drink Light Bulb-Stuffed Steak To ‘Trigger’ Liberals

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 08 Sep 2019 15:20
Fox News Anchor Tries To Drink Light Bulb-Stuffed Steak To 'Trigger' LiberalsFox News

A Fox News opinion host has gone to new lengths to troll liberals by attempting to drink a steak stuffed with incandescent light bulbs through a plastic straw.

Kicking off her segment of the show, Laura Ingraham told viewers, ‘well, it’s a meal that will trigger all the right… I meant all the left people.’


She then asked them, ‘okay, are you ready? Are you really prepared for this?’ before an alarm sounded and the camera pulled back to reveal what she described as ‘the ultimate trigger sculpture.’


Advertising her bizarre new sculpture, Ingraham said, ‘it has everything the Democrats hate. If I could have put an SUV on this, I would have.’

While sitting with the huge piece of meat in front of her, it suddenly dawned in Ingraham that solid foods aren’t usually consumed through a straw.


She asked, ‘can you sip a steak?’ before going on to give it a go anyway.

‘Mmmm, tastes good,’ she said, ‘it’s kind of the vapors of the steak.’

Fox News Anchor Tries To Drink Light Bulb-Stuffed Steak To 'Trigger' LiberalsFox News

Laughing to herself, the opinion show host said:


These are the light bulbs that Andrew Yang said are so dangerous to the planet because they burn out too often.

It would seem Ingraham is referencing Yang’s recent performance at a climate discussion with Democratic presidential candidates on Wednesday, where Wolf Blitzer raised the Trump administration’s rollback on requirements for more energy-saving lightbulbs.

However, yang said incandescent bulbs ‘intentionally burn out’ and are not environmentally friendly. Instead, he suggested the use of bulbs that ‘consume less energy and need to be replaced less often.’

Fox News Anchor Tries To Drink Light Bulb-Stuffed Steak To 'Trigger' LiberalsFox News

This view isn’t new, and certainly isn’t as radically liberal as Ingraham’s gimmick implies.

In fact, this view is so common that the idea of phasing out energy-inefficient bulbs has seen support from both sides of the political spectrum and was included in a 2007 law signed by President George W. Bush to limit halogen and incandescent bulbs.

A regulation which followed and was signed by President Barack Obama aimed to get tighter standards around a wider range of bulbs. This was set to take effect in January, however, the current administration has announced it will repeal it, according to reports in the Huffington Post.

Plastic straws and beef also came up in conversation at the climate change meeting as Democrats have advocated for paper straws and reduced consumption of red meat, due to its contribution to greenhouse gasses.


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