Fox News Cuts Away From Trump’s Press Secretary For Making False Claims

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 10 Nov 2020 08:11
Fox News Cuts Away From Trump's Press Secretary For Making False ClaimsFox News

Reporters on Fox News cut away from a statement being given by Trump’s press secretary after she began speaking about ‘illegal votes’ in the election.

Trump and the rest of his administration have made claims that thousands of votes were illegally received on election day – though the claims have not been backed up with any evidence.


As Kayleigh McEnany, who is both Trump’s press secretary and campaign spokesperson, repeated the baseless claims, Fox News muted the 32-year-old and cut back to presenter Neil Cavuto, who said he couldn’t continue to show viewers the clip due to the false information McEnany was reading.

You can watch it here:


Cavuto said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, I just think we have to be very clear; she’s charging the other side as welcoming fraud and illegal voting, unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue showing you this.’


He added, ‘I want to make sure that maybe they do have something to back that up, but that’s an explosive charge to make, that the other side is effectively rigging and cheating. If she does bring proof of that, of course we’ll take you back. So far she has started saying, right at the outset – ‘welcoming fraud, welcoming illegal voting’. Not so fast.’

Fox News

According to The Washington Post, it was host Cavuto’s decision to cut away from McEnany. Fox News was one of the first organisation to call Arizona for Joe Biden, and has seen been shifting its loyalty away from Trump.

McEnany isn’t the first person this has happened to; several TV networks cut Trump off mid-speech as he also mad these falsehoods following many news outlets projecting that Joe Biden has won the election.


In the speech, the president said:

I’d like to provide the American people with an update on our efforts to protect the integrity of our very important 2020 election. If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us. If you count the votes that came in late, we’re looking to them very strongly, but a lot of votes came in late.

Again, there has been no evidence of these so-called ‘illegal votes’ and no one has reported a that Trump has been re-elected for a second term in office.

Donald TrumpPA Images

Trump has also tweeted these claims, causing the social media platform to hide many of his tweets with a disclaimer.

The disclaimer reads, ‘Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.’

A Twitter spokesperson explained these disclaimers, saying, ‘A critical function of our service is providing a place where people can openly and publicly respond to their leaders and hold them accountable.’

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    Fox News cut away from Trump's press secretary as she pushed baseless claims of election fraud