Fox News Guest Says Slavery ‘Was Never About Race’

by : Daniel Richardson on : 15 Jul 2021 13:42
Fox News Guest Says Slavery 'Was Never About Race'Fox News

An Illinois conservative YouTuber has shocked many people by stating that slavery ‘was never about race’ on Fox News.

Ty Smith is the brother of controversial author and talk show host Candace Owens, and also has his own YouTube channel that discusses his conservative opinions. Known as Modern Renaissance Man, the commentator has 170,000 subscribers and a dedicated audience.


The YouTuber was invited onto Fox News to discuss his opinions with host Martha MacCallum. However, what was said has offended a lot of people.

MacCallum began by detailing examples of where people had noted systemic racism being present in the US. The host discussed claims ‘that [racism is] built into every single institution in America, even in the military’,  to which Smith replied that he doesn’t believe that systemic racism exists.

Smith continued:


It’s absolutely absurd because nobody really wants to get the real history of it. America was not founded on racism.

Don’t get me wrong, yeah, there was slavery going on but slavery itself was not initially a racist thing. It never was about race initially, so to sit there and take it like America was founded on racism is a complete lie.

The YouTuber went on to say, ‘Slavery was going on in all the world. It never was a race thing. So why are we making it a race thing now?’ This sentiment was largely on-brand for the YouTuber, who had also said that critical race theory ‘teaches youth to hate each other based on skin colour’ rather than analyse the social and institutional dynamics that impact people’s lives.

Safe to say, there was plenty of backlash to these comments.


One commenter wrote, ‘If the violent subjugation of people belonging to a single race (to treat them like subhuman servants) is not racist, then the concept of racism has no teeth at all.’

Others drew attention to the controversial things that Smith had said before mocking this recent statement. There were also questions about how the commentator would interpret other parts of US history that are considered racist.


Despite people mocking Smith, some expressed their support for the commentator and noted that slavery wasn’t mono-racial. With that said, some races have undoubtedly been impacted by slavery more than others.

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