Fox News Presenter ‘Laughs’ About Young Guy Getting Stuck In Chimney And Dying


In a gruesome accident, a suspected would-be burglar died in California this weekend after getting stuck in a chimney – only for the homeowner to unknowingly light a fire beneath him.

According to the sheriff’s office, the man had been attempting to burgle the house using the chimney for access when he got stuck inside. The homeowner was out at the time and when he returned home he had no reason to believe anyone was in the chimney, so lit a fire.

Moments later he heard someone yelling from inside the chimney and as his house filled with smoke, he attempted to douse the fire. He summoned the fire department, which worked to free the man – with no success. A coroner concluded that 19-year-old Cody Caldwell died from smoke inhalation and burns. Grim, I think we can all agree.

However, Fox News presenter Anna Kooiman somehow managed to find a funny side. When reporting the story on Sunday’s Fox & Friends programme, she could barely stifle her giggles.

Talk about a dark sense of humour, I suppose she finds it funny when old ladies get mugged. Surely you’ve just got to keep it together, at least while you’re on air?

Apparently not on Fox