Fox News Says People In Australia Have No Freedom, Because No Guns



Fox news host Tucker Carlson has praised Donald Trump for blaming the Umpqua Community College shooting on campus gun bans. Australia also has no freedom because of hate speech and gun regulation. 

The hosts agreed that shootings could be prevented by banning “gun free zones” so teachers and security guards could be armed at schools. This is favourable for Fox News instead of passing gun safety laws.

It was co-host Clayton Morris that brought Australia into the mix by saying “what people always throw out there – is look to Australia. They have no gun violence, they don’t have guns, citizens aren’t allowed to have guns.”

Tucker Carlson then swoops back in to add “they also have no freedom! You can go to prison for expressing unpopular views and people do.” Not really, SBS Australia has explained that Australia’s hate speech laws rarely result in penalties.

Here’s the video:

Look, if you’ve noticed my author name above: “Ozzy Man”. You’ll know that it could be very easy for me to get sucked in and take the bait here, to get frustrated at the stubbornness of Americans and their gun lovin’, but fuck it, no ranting this time.

I think anytime Americans (or Aussies) bring up gun laws and both sides argue like fanatical maniacs we should just cut off the conversation with Jim Jefferies.

We need to make Jim Jefferies the new Rickrolling.

So, here is Jim chatting about guns in an undeniably down-to-Earth manner.

Shh, just watch and listen to Jim. Repeatedly. Over and over. Thank you.