Fox News’ Thoughts On Shark Attacks Are Pretty Out There

by : UNILAD on : 21 Jul 2015 15:50
Fox News

After Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark during a surfing contest on Saturday, Fox News decided to give their enlightened take on the incident.


And it was…interesting.

Presenter Brian Kilmeade’s simple solution to the situation? Just clear all of the sharks from the sea. Amazing.

As reported and transcribed by Raw Story, the discussion went as follows:


“I think that the most shocking thing is that after you hear about the six attacks in North Carolina, okay, these are just swimmers,” Kilmeade noted on Monday’s edition of Fox & Friends. “But then when you see a champion surfer and you have a three camera shoot and an overhead shot, (you) say, ‘Oh my goodness, it could happen anywhere.'”

“You would think that they would have a way of clearing the waters before a competition of this level,” he opined. “But I guess they don’t.”

“Sure,” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck agreed. “If a three-time world champion surfer isn’t safe, who is?”

“The shark should be afraid of him,” she added. “That was a tough punch he gave there.”


And, given Fox News’ outlook on many political and economic issues, I actually dread to think what method they would suggest to entirely rid the water of dangerous animals prior to surfing competitions in the future.

‘Jaws’ would have been a much shorter movie with these guys in charge, that’s for sure!

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