France Bans Production Of Oil And Gas By 2040

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The French government is putting a stop to fracking and oil extractions across the country.

In a bid to be more environmentally conscious and responsible, French parliament voted against a proposal to ban producing oil and gas by 2040.

This a significant step as France is 99% reliant on hydrocarbon imports.


Yesterday the French government received a majority vote in parliament, by a show of hands – the only party to vote against the proposal was France’s rightwing Republicans party, report The Guardian.

No new permits will be issued to extract fossil fuels and no current licenses will be renewed beyond 2040, by then all of France’s mainland and overseas production will have ceased.

Speaking on the groundbreaking proposal, Socialist lawmaker Delphine Batho hoped the ban would have a ‘contagious’ effect which will encourage bigger producers to follow the example their government is setting.


As of now, France extracts are estimated at around 815,000 tonnes of oil per year.

However centrist president Emmanuel Macron wants a call for change, he wants France to be a leader in a major world economy which is moving away from fossil fuels and nuclear power, instead, turning towards renewable energy.

Macron’s government also plan to halt all sales of diesel and petrol engine cars by 2040.

Those who’ll be most affected by the ban will be companies searching for oil in the French-owned territories of Guyana in South America.