France Could Introduce A Four-Day Work Week


How would you feel about working just four days a week? Those long weekends would sure be delicious right?

With the world’s eyes glued to the impending election going on in France at the minute one candidate has promised to entertain the idea of working less hours every week.

Speaking on a televised debate with his rival, Manuel Valls, French Socialist politician Benoit Hamon proposed that French citizens should work 32-hours a week, reports indy100.


At the minute, the average person works 37 hours per week, including 3.6 hours of overtime in the UK so a guaranteed 5 hours less would certainly go down a treat.

Interestingly, studies into a shorter working week have found that employees are significantly healthier in body and mind and are much more productive too – so it’s a win win all round.

In case you fancy knowing a bit more about the staunch lefty candidate, Hamon, he’s currently top of the polls in the French Socialist race and plans to introduce a universal basic income and legalise cannabis.

He’s got my vote…