Frankie Bridge Confronts Troll Who Threatened To Rape Women

by : UNILAD on : 24 Nov 2015 13:27

Frankie Bridge confronted an internet troll on a new BBC programme, where she opened up about the effects trolls have had on her in the past.

She appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show, as part of an investigative film on what it’s like to be trolled, The Mirror reported.


The former Saturdays singer confronted a troll who’d threatened to rape women, asking whether he could defend his actions.


Frankie asks the troll in the interview:

I know from when people have said things to me and they haven’t called me a bitch and they haven’t told me they’re going to rape me like you have said to people.

I can’t even imagine how I would have felt if someone would have said some of the things you’ve said.

And as someone who has actually been bullied, do you not see that that’s just as nasty, even though it’s just on the internet?


The troll, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said he did feel bad about what he’d done, and that he’s since stopped trolling people.

He said he was a different person when offline and that he did it: “just to get a buzz. To get replies of the people I’m following. The favourites, the retweets.”


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    Frankie Bridge confronts online troll who threatened to RAPE women in sick posts