French Murderers Were Inspired By TV Show ‘Breaking Bad’


Four people arrested for the murder of a woman in Toulouse, France attempted to dispose of her body using a method they saw on TV show ‘Breaking Bad’.

23-year-old Eva Bourseau’s body was found by police in a plastic container in her apartment on Monday. Her legs had been dismembered and the group reportedly planned to use corrosive acid to dissolve the corpse, just as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman did with one of their victims on the show.

According to Business Insider, after killing Bourseau, the suspects regularly returned to her apartment to check on her body, clean the scene of the crime and steal valuables from the flat.

Bourseau’s body was eventually discovered after her mother tried to visit after weeks of not seeing her daughter, and contacted the police when no one answered the door.

The four suspects – three men and one woman – allegedly killed Bourseau over a drug debt of €6,000.

This isn’t the first murder or attempted murder inspired by Breaking Bad, with prior instances of killers trying to dissolve bodies in acid after being inspired by the TV show.