French Prankster Creates ‘HumanWorld’, Where Sea Creatures Exploit People


Remi Gaillard/YouTube
Remi Gaillard has smashed it again. Two minutes and 22 seconds worth of hilarious mischief making, plus a valid message too.

The French prankster has hit the streets of Montepellier causing trouble, whilst he and two friends are dressed as a whale, a dolphin, and a killer whale.

The three creatures, armed with tourist photo and video gear turns, the tables on unsuspecting humans and makes them the star attractions at HumanWorld.

Remi Gaillard/YouTube
It starts innocuously enough, as the trio peer at exhibits through any glass surfaces they find, but it quickly escalates.

Pedestrians are exploited to perform tricks, they have food thrown at them, and the highlight is when Gaillard takes his ‘trained humans’ for a ride at the beach, posing for photos along the way.

Anyone who has seen ‘Blackfish’ will appreciate the moral included at the end of the story: “Humans were once terrified of the sea. Today, it’s the other way round.”