Frenchman Arrested For Plotting 15 Terror Attacks At Euro 2016


A racist French terrorist, who had masterminded plans for over 15 major attacks in France over the course of the Euro 2016 tournament, is facing a series of terrorism charges after being epically captured by the Ukranian Security Service. 

The 25-year-old’s arrest was confirmed by police on the same day as the England national squad flew out to Paris for the tournament, which begins on Friday.

The terrorist was confirmed as Gregoire Moutaux, a ‘far right nationalist’ who was ‘armed to the teeth,’ and was captured on the border between Ukraine and Poland on May 21.


Gregoire originally hails from Bar-le-Duc, near Reims, in northeast France, and according to Ukranian police he had a ‘vast arsenal’ of weapons, including five Kalashnikov assault rifles, two anti-tank grenade launchers, 5,000 rounds of ammunition, and 125kg of TNT explosives.

Moutaux is thought to be a farm-worker, as well as a serious Islamophobe and anti-Semite, who aimed specifically to target synagogues, mosques, and ‘large crowds building up around Euro 2016.’ 

And it’s a good job he was captured because it has been claimed that the man was very capable of ‘causing mass carnage’.


Vasyl Grytsak, of the SBU Ukrainian security service, said:

We were able to prevent fifteen terrorist acts that were planned in France on the eve of and during the European Championship football.

[Moutaux aimed] to blow up a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue, tax collection organisations, police patrol units and numerous other locations.

He obtained five Kalashnikov rifles, more than 5,000 bullets, two anti-tank grenade launchers, 125 kilogrammes (275 pounds) of TNT, 100 detonators, 20 balaclavas and other things.


Grytsak added that Moutaux was massively against France’s policy of allowing in immigrants, and utterly despised the spread of Islam.

Police had been tracking Moutaux for numerous months, allowing him to purchase tonnes of weapons, before finally deciding enough was enough and capturing him.

Shortly after his arrest, police also raided his home where they found Neo-Nazi t-shirts, as well as chemicals used to produce explosives, and five balaclavas. He had no criminal record.


His capture also serves as further proof against the ludicrous and ill-informed ideal that every terrorist in the modern world is Muslim.

Hopefully, now people will learn that there are deluded and highly dangerous individuals on both sides of every argument.

Police and security are already on a severe alert in the days leading up to the Euro’s.