Fresher Believes He’s Being Haunted By ‘Ghost Of Dead Student’


Starting at Uni is a difficult time for freshers, but this poor lad probably didn’t expect to have to deal with a literal monster in his closet. 

The spooked college student, known by his YouTube name Paddy C, has filmed something creepy inside his dorm room wardrobe, which he believes is the ghost of a student who killed himself in the same room, the Mirror reports.

Paddy has posted some rather sinister clips of his cupboard door opening by itself, as well as a strange loud knocking coming from inside the seeming empty space.

giphy (11)Paddy C

The frightened first year’s been posting his story on Reddit’s No Sleep subreddit, which is dedicated to telling spooky (if not always true) stories.

Paddy wrote:

My first night there, I’m hanging out with my roommate Rob. He’s playing some shit on his PC, I’m playing on my PS4, we both have our headphones in. Suddenly we hear some slight knocking.

I get up, open the door, nobody is outside, I immediately forget this happen [sic].

College-apartment-Haunted-By-Ghost-of-Dead-StudentPaddy C

He then says that the banging got louder and louder, until both of the men realised that the knocking wasn’t coming from the hall, it was coming from the cupboard.

Paddy explained:

It’s coming from my fucking closet, I get up, put on my phone light, and timidly open the door. The thing creaks open to reveal, surprise, nobody is inside. What the fuck, right?

giphy (12)

Unsurprisingly Paddy’s roommate didn’t return to college after the winter break, leaving the poor young student alone in ‘Room 169’ with his otherworldly room mate.

Reportedly the knocking’s now grown louder, and Paddy claims sometimes he wakes up to find his closet door wide open.

Apparently, when Paddy mentioned the ghostly goings on to a friend in the year above he revealed that a student had killed himself in Room 169 the previous year, and Paddy now wonders whether his ghost is trapped in the room.

Now the story’s gone viral, with believers offering advice such as using holy water to chase out the demon, or the more practical solution of leaving the closet door open so it can’t bang anymore.

Of course skeptics have been keen to point out that when Paddy turns the camera on himself before turning back towards the cupboard, a person could have easily slipped off camera leaving us none the wiser.

In an effort to convince the doubters Paddy has also filmed the moment the cupboard door flies open and he walks towards it in a single shot with no one in sight.

Far be it from me to say I don’t believe Paddy (I don’t) but as No Sleep’s a place where people try and make the most convincing paranormal stories they can, and the obvious ways the ‘trick’ could be filmed I think the only spooky thing here’s how easily people bought into this.