Friday The 13th Trailer Shows Off Absolutely Barbaric Executions



What would a Friday the 13th game be without brutal executions of preppy American teens? Not much, that’s what.

Well thankfully, the upcoming game’s developers Gun Media knew this, and decided to make the fatal finishers extra spicy, just for all us gore fans. Check them out below, but be warned, they’re not for the squeamish.

You’ve got all your classic horror movie kills packed up in there, with such favourites as gouging some dude’s eyes out, head in the fire and who could forget the pitchfork in the back of the head. Great memories.


Friday the 13th the game wasn’t actually going to be connected to the movies at all – it was called Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp until the rights holders got in touch and told Gun Media they could have them for free. Bit of a result.

On release, Friday the 13th will be a multiplayer game of cat and mouse as one player controls the foreboding Jason, while the others must stay the fuck out of his way as hapless stereotypical teenagers.

You can check out the successfully kickstarted game when it releases this October on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If your stomach can handle it, that is.