Friend Of David Bowie Reveals How She Thinks He Really Died

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Writer and friend of David Bowie, Lesley-Ann Jones, has revealed a number of shocking claims about the rockstar, including the details of his dubious death.


Leslie-Ann followed every moment of the singer’s life and claims, in the Mail Online, that his ‘stage-managed death’ was the result of assisted suicide.

It is thought by BBC Radio 1 DJ Andy Peeble that the series of events leading to the icon’s death – “Two singles released so closely together, the biggest album of his career launched on his 69th birthday, and then, two days later, he dies.” – were far from coincidental.

David Bowie’s sudden death shocked the world in January, with tributes still pouring in even now.

David Bowie Passes Away At 69David Bowie Passes Away At 69PA

He was reported to have died peacefully surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with liver cancer.

However, Andy Peeble claimed that Bowie was always the sort of person who liked to manage his public image.

Even the last photo that was taken before his death, rock manager and producer Simon Napier-Bell described it as: “he [Bowie] was photographed outside his apartment building in a beautifully cut charcoal suit, tie and a fedora, wearing a big broad smile and looking fabulous.”


Peeble reportedly said:

Seemingly, David Bowie stage-managed his own demise.

It has been suggested to me in quite a number of phone calls that his death was the result of assisted suicide. Who might have assisted him, and exactly how they did so, we will never know. To protect them, I am sure he won’t have involved his family or his close friends.

But when you think about it, David stage-managed absolutely everything else, throughout his entire career. Why would his death be any different? If he was able to do it on his own terms, good for him.

Serpentine Gallery Summer PartySerpentine Gallery Summer PartyGettyThis piece by Lesley-Ann comes after David Bowie’s ashes were scattered at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert; a spiritiual event that Bowie’s widow Iman shared a special connection with.

The rock writer Lesley-Ann also said that Bowie’s famous eye condition could have been cause by the chronic bacterial disease syphilis.


Intimate letters that Bowie found when he was eight-years-old also revealed that his mother Peggy was a hooker.

It also goes on to detail rumours of secret love affairs and ‘the one that got away’.

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