Friend Of Woman Killed Hanging Out Of Car Window Cleared Of Charges

Ivanna Boirachuk/WhatsApp

The friend of Natalia Borisovna Borodina – who died hanging out of the window of a moving vehicle – has been cleared of drink driving charges by a Dominican Republic court.

Natalia, a 35-year-old mother from Moscow, was killed as she hung out of the window of a moving vehicle. Horrifying footage showed how she hit her head on a road sign, before later dying in hospital.

Her friend, Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, who filmed the tragedy on her mobile phone as she drove the car, was arrested by police on suspicion of drink driving, according to Russian media reports, but has been cleared, reports the Daily Star.

VK/Natalia Borodina/EAST2WEST NEWS

The Ukrainian woman returned to her hotel after her court hearing, but it is unclear if she has left the holiday island, according to Elina Sergacheva, a Russian journalist based on the island.

The journalist said that in the wake of Borodina’s death, Ms Boiarchuk was held by police while investigations were conducted and an emergency court session held.

Sergacheva added:

As a driver, she did not commit unlawful acts. Her friend died by her own negligence.

Ivanna Boirachuk/WhatsApp

Ukraine’s honorary consul Andrea Biamonti confirmed the not-guilty verdict:

Ivanna was found not guilty. She is free and can leave the country at any time.

Local police have now identified the road sign which caused Natalia’s fatal injuries while she was on holiday in the Dominican Republic and are investigating further.


The shocking video was filmed on a highway near Punta Cana and before the tragedy unfolded, Ivanna filmed a topless Natalia playfully sticking her finger in her mouth and sticking her upper body outside the window.

Tyre marks at the scene evidently show where the dented red Kia Picanto butted the yellow kerb at the moment of the tragic accident.

Natalia’s grieving family, including her 11-year-old son, have announced they cannot afford the £15,000 cost of repatriating her body for burial in Russia and have admitted Natalia did not have travel insurance when she embarked on her holiday.


Family friend Anzhelika Kling said:

Natalia has a sister, Yulia, who lives in Chelyabinsk region, as does her 80 years old mother. Yulia is raising her own son and she also took care of Natalia’s son when she was away.

We got to know about the tragedy from Internet. Then the investigator called the family and confirmed it.

We don’t know what to do with the body now? There is no money for transportation. She may have to be cremated there.

VK/Natalia Borodina/EAST2WEST NEWS

Locals papers, including Moskovsky Komsomolets, have condemned Natalia’s actions and cited tourism experts as saying 95 per cent of Russian deaths abroad are due to tourists’ ‘own stupidity’ and not the result of terrorism or natural disasters.

Moskovsky Komsomolets reported:

The woman was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts while her companion drove the car.

VK/Natalia Borodina/EAST2WEST NEWS

Natalia’s friend Elena Korolyova defended Borodina:

She helped her poor family with everything. Nobody else worked, only Natalia.

She wanted to get everything, she was hoping for a better future.

And anyone can make a mistake, why should we judge her by just one video? Are we all saints?

VK/Natalia Borodina/EAST2WEST NEWS

This tragic accident is just the latest in a string of deaths caught on camera during live video streams.

The horror shows no sign of stopping, as we spend increasing amounts of our lives being filmed for online social media, distracted by the camera lens and engaging with the back of an iPhone, rather than the world around us.

Our thoughts are with Natalia’s family and friends at this devastating time.