Friends Themed Cards Against Humanity Exists

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Friends themed Cards Against HumanityFriends themed Cards Against HumanityElinPrintables/Etsy

‘So no one told you life was going to be this way?’… Apparently, neither did the guys who first created the popular game, Cards Against Humanity.

The fun – morally questionable – card game, which you play with your friends and family at Christmas, Bar Mitzvahs – and possibly a wake – is now available in a Friends-themed version.

While not officially made by the guys who conceived the original Cards Against Humanity, it’s perfect for those who are fans of the popular card game and the iconic 90s sitcom – which is aptly named ‘The One With All The Cards’.

Friends Themed Cards Against Humanity ExistsFriends Themed Cards Against Humanity ExistsWarner Bros. Television

I have yet to actually play Cards Against Humanity and if I’m being honest, Friends was good at the time but looking back, it wasn’t exactly the best sitcom on TV (Arrested Development and Community anyone?), but don’t let that derail the fact this could be a super fun game to play when the WiFi is down.

From the offset, it appears the main goal of Cards Against Humanity is to fill in blank statements using words or phrases which would otherwise be deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect, printed on playing cards. So imagine it in a Friends setting where someone says ‘Unagi is the state of…’ and someone answers ‘abandonment Phoebe feels about her absent father’.

You can relieve all your favourite Friends moments like the time Ross’ thighs were so sweaty he couldn’t fit back into his leather pants or when Joey went commando while wearing all of Chandler’s clothes.

Cards Against HumanityCards Against HumanityTom Bullock

The game is available from the Etsy website and it includes 108 grey cards and 207 white cards.

There’ve been several variations of the popular game including ones based on Disney and everyone’s favourite fourth-wall-breaking superhero/Merc-with-a-mouth, Deadpool.

This isn’t the first Friends based family game either. At the beginning of April it was announced there would be a Monopoly set based on the popular sitcom. The board dropped on The Works website last month and is available for £29.99.

Friends Themed Cards Against Humanity ExistsFriends Themed Cards Against Humanity ExistsWarner Bros.

You can stop off at your favourite locations from the show, the only downside being, you’ll have to get your own Joey special if you’re getting the pizzas in.

Will you be a Ross kind of player and marry everyone, a Monica and be fat-shamed in your youth, or perhaps a Joey and make somewhat outdated misogynistic chat up lines? Or maybe a slightly transphobic game plan like Chandler Bing. If that doesn’t make sense you might want to read this.

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