Supposed Footage ‘From Inside North Korea’ Shows Moment 600,000 Were Evacuated


Footage emerged last night supposedly showing the moment evacuation alarms rang out across Pyongyang amid mounting tensions between the US and North Korea.

In the video, shared to YouTube, alarms signalling for residents to flee the North Korean city are clearly audible.

You can watch the footage in this civilian video below:

This, after the Russian newspaper Pravda claimed North Korea ordered the evacuation of 600,000 residents – a quarter of the city – as fears over a nuclear strike grow.


Kim Jong-un has reportedly observed numerous air strikes, and North Korea is expected to test a nuclear missile this weekend.

The dictator’s actions are undoubtedly a response to President Donald Trump’s repeated threats to North Korea.

Most recently, President Trump claimed ‘North Korea is looking for trouble’ on Twitter.

Hours after the United States dropped the world’s biggest ever non-nuclear bomb on ISIS, Trump issued an ominous verbal warning to North Korea.

Trump stated:

North Korea is a problem. The problem will be taken care of.


The U.S have sent a navy strike to the Korean peninsula warning it would attack if there were any signs of aggression.

Meanwhile, China has positioned 150,000 soldiers closer to North Korea, in marked military preparation for war.