Frightening Theory Behind What North Korea Earthquake Actually Was

by : UNILAD on : 15 Sep 2017 17:11

Chinese officials are claiming the earthquake that hit North Korea may be the nuclear-obsessed nation testing more missiles.


North Korea was hit by a 3.4 magnitude earthquake at around 8.30 this morning, just days after Kim Jong-un threated to test a hydrogen bomb.

The tremor was detected in the Kilju area of the North Hamgyong province according to the South Korean meteorological agency and China’s official Xinhua News Agency.

The news site said:


China’s seismic service, says the quake is likely caused by explosion and happens in the same location where last H-bomb detonated.

The epicentre is located at roughly the same site as the shallow quake on September 3 that was caused by a nuclear test.

Recent tremors have been due to nuclear tests, the latest of which happened earlier this month.

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The quake detected today is also roughly the same magnitude as the September 3 tremor.

However, South Korea’s weather agency has alternatively claimed the tremor may have actually been a natural earthquake.

This event surely cannot be a spooky coincidence though…


The tremor comes amid growing tensions between the US and North Korea.


Earlier this week Donald Trump used his inaugural speech at the UN took aim at Kim Jong-un’s nation.

Trump urged the international community to take a tougher stance against North Korea and issued a warning that the US would ‘totally destroy‘ North Korea if it launched an attack on America or its allies.


The US President also called Kim Jong-un ‘a rocket man on a suicide mission’.

He said:

We can’t have madmen out there, shooting rockets all over the place.

And by the way, the Rocket Man should’ve been handled a long time ago.

Despite Trump’s warnings, North Korea vowed to continue its bid to become a nuclear sate.

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