Frightening Video Shows Teen ‘Attacked By A Ghost’


CCTV footage has surfaced which reportedly shows a teen being attacked by an unknown entity.

Sometimes we like to tempt fate and channel our inner Ghostbuster, saying some stupid-ass shit like ‘I ain’t afraid of no ghost’, knowing damn well that if one turned up you’d crap your pants before your brain can send the message to your legs to run.

Case-in-point, this footage below of a guy being attacked by some ‘unexplained force’. I put ‘unexplained’ in inverted commas because after you watch it, you’ll either think ghost or call BS…

On first glance it does look like unused footage from one of the Paranormal Activity films (maybe it is) so the validity of this video is questionable. YouTube commenters – who are always the most qualified to give legitimate views on everything – are divided on whether this is real or fake.

One user going by the name of steve c says:

Obviously fake like 99 per cent of the videos on Youtube since there’s no such thing as a ghost.

While ‘richardgaga8888’ questions why ‘he didn’t even hear the doors opening’ – fair comment…

But as we said before as much as the commenters, and perhaps you, might think that this is all an elaborate hoax, there’s no way you can prove it’s fake either.


It’s fair to point out that when the door opens you can see a shadowy figure approach the teen, so that could either be a genuine spectre – or someone with some ace Final Cut Pro skills.

What we’d like to know is what happened to the poor guy after the ghost dragged him off screen, our guess is that he was either dragged off to the eighth level of hell or he said: ‘Haha, I got you good.’


So what do you think guys? Is this legitimate paranormal activity level stuff or does this have B-Movie horror bullshit written all over it?

Let us know in the comments.