Full Details Of Terror Plot To Explode Bombs In Hannover Stadium Revealed


Security documents have revealed the full horror of a planned terrorist attack on a Hannover football stadium.

The city’s HDI Arena was evacuated and the match cancelled, just two hours before a friendly match between Germany and Holland on Tuesday.

The plan was to smuggle explosives into the stadium in ambulances and then detonate them during the match. A group of extremists also planned to film the attack as the horror unfolded. Other explosions were also planned in the city centre and at Hanover Railway Station.

The German newspaper, Bild, claims to have secret documents passed between security services which triggered the terror alert.

Police seized an ambulance near the stadium but found no explosives.

The intelligence that led  to the attack being averted is said to have been received from a foreign intelligence service.

It’s been suggested that the attack was planned by a North African terror cell.

Speaking with the BBC Hannover’s chief of police, Volker Kluwe said:

There were plans for some kind of explosion,

We assume that this threat is serious, and we cannot guess what the attackers will do instead.

You don’t know what a perpetrator is possibly planning. Don’t stay in groups. Find safety.