Full Five-Minute Clip Of Surely The Most Insane Car Stunt Ever


Every time you think the car’s going to crash…

Made in the sandbox racer Trackmania 2 by a user known only as vossi84, this has to be one of the most insane stunt maps ever. The behemoth of a track is called ‘Press Forward Extra Large’, and has been designed from the ground up for somebody to just hold down the accelerator and go.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube back in 2012, but has recently regained some popularity thanks to a GIF that surfaced this week. The video shows mind bending accuracy as the car gets juggled between ramps and loop-the-loops, passing within a hair’s breadth of being totalled tons of times.

With recent updates to Trackmania 2, this map is unfortunately no longer playable due to slight changes in physics. The only way to appreciate this one is to watch the video again. And again. And again.