Funeral Home Director Loses His Shit In Ridiculous Road-Rage Incident


Could this be the most insane overreaction to someone kicking over a traffic cone ever recorded?

The footage – filmed on a cyclist’s helmet-cam – shows him kick a traffic cone out of his way as he rides past. Seconds later, a mini-van overtakes and pulls in right in front of the cyclist, then tries to block him as he cycles past.


In an inexplicable bout of cone-based rage, you can then hear the driver shouting:

You like kicking cones do you? Do you? Try it again and I’ll take your fucking eyes out!

The exchange continues for a little while, with the cyclist remaining incredibly calm the whole time. He says: “I’m right here, do something!” before the driver just speeds off.

According to ‘cheekflapperer’ – who posted the video of the crazed motorist to YouTube – the incident took place in south Philadelphia.


He wrote with the video: 

There’s a few funeral homes in south Philly that place cones in a 20 minute loading zone in an attempt to reserve spots.

I get annoyed when they are placed near the white line where I bike. This often forces me closer to the traffic than I would otherwise ride.

Ronnie Pickering was not reported to be in the area at the time of the incident.