Funeral Officer Breaks Down In Tears As He Wishes He Was More ‘Lenient’ With Mourners As Boris Johnson Partied

by : Simon Catling on : 14 Jan 2022 14:19
Funeral Officer Breaks Down In Tears As He Wishes He Was More 'Lenient' With Mourners As Boris Johnson PartiedAlamy/LBC

A funeral officer broke down in tears on the radio this morning as he recounted having to turn people away from mourning their loved ones due to Covid restrictions, at the same time that Number 10 was holding parties.

The caller from Kensington said he felt like ‘an idiot’ and wished he’d been ‘more lenient’ knowing now what government officials had been doing.


The officer was emotional throughout as he spoke to James O’Brien on LBC Radio, saying that he’d called after hearing that Liz Truss had asked people to ‘move on’ following Boris Johnson’s apology for his own attendance at an event at PMQs.

The caller – who went by the name of Cam – said he wasn’t prepared to and that he didn’t think a lot of people were either.


The man said that at the same time these parties were being held, he was turning people away from the crematorium and cemetery that he worked at.


He explained:

I had to tell them, ‘no I’m sorry we have to stand our ground’, and some people would push past you and you’d have to stand in the way.

Some people would stand there and cry and say, ‘I understand’.

Breaking down, he said, ‘I feel like an idiot!’

Asked why, he responded, ‘I feel like I could have been more lenient, if the government was being that lenient over that time.


‘We’re all standing here trying to follow the rules and he can’t even follow the rules that he’s put out himself.’

Boris Johnson. (Alamy)Alamy

Boris Johnson Doubles Down On Claim That He Didn’t Know He Was Breaking Covid Rules

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The call came on the same day that Downing Street had to issue an apology to the Queen, after a report revealed yet more parties were held in No 10, this time on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral.

The farewell parties were held to mark the departures of Johnson’s director of communications, James Slack, and one of his personal photographers. However, they took place just the evening before the Queen was forced to sit by herself at the funeral of her departed husband, in observance of the Covid rules in place at the time.


Slack left Downing Street last year to become deputy editor-in-chief at The Sun and has apologised for the event, saying, ‘This event should not have happened at the time that it did. I am deeply sorry, and take full responsibility.’

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