Funny Mashup Video Shows James Bond And Jason Bourne Have A Secret


We’ve always wondered what might happen if secret agents James Bond and Jason Bourne ever met and, it turns out, they’d be very close indeed.

In a hilarious new mash-up video, courtesy of the awesome team at Funny Or Die, the action movie characters have been re-imagined as the stars of their very own romantic comedy.

And it could be about to set fan fiction writing boards alight, as people think up what Daniel Craig and Matt Damon might have been getting up to on their holidays together.

It’s a love story for the modern era – Jason Bourne running to a half naked Bond as he emerges from the sea, saucy text messages, close cuddling and more.

Basically, it’s a whole new spin on the ‘Spy Who Loved Me’.

After seeing this, we’re now just disappointed that ‘My Secret Agent’ won’t actually be coming to cinemas soon!