Furious Motorist Confronts Protesters As They Barricade M25 For Fourth Time

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Furious Motorist Confronts Protesters As They Barricade M25 For Fourth TimeAlamy

Environmentalist protesters have blocked the M25 motorway for the fourth time, and one angry motorist has confronted the demonstrators.

Climate activist group Insulate Britain first took to the M25 on Monday, September 13. The group blocked five junctions of the motorway to demand the government acts on home insulation.


The second demonstration took place two days later, and saw 89 members of Insulate Britain stage a sit-in, causing many rush-hour delays through the blocking of junctions.

Furious Motorist Confronts Protesters As They Barricade M25 For Fourth TimeAlamy

The climate group issued a statement saying, ‘We demand credible action now.’

The statement goes on to detail more of Insulate Britain’s demands, including, ‘Proper jobs for hundreds of thousands of people to start the first real step – to insulate all the homes of this country – which pound for pound gives us the biggest reduction in carbon emissions.’

Fifteen climate activists then blocked the M25 for the fourth time. Protesters sat on the road at Junction 18 at Rickmansworth, near Watford.

While the protesters offered their ‘sympathies’ after a mum was paralysed by a stroke after one of the M25 protests delayed her hospital trip, many drivers were left outraged.

According to MailOnline, one driver told the protestors that ‘they should be protesting outside Downing Street, not risking lives on the M25’.


Activists Cause Motorway Chaos After Blocking M25 For Second Time This Week

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The driver went on to say, ‘Why the hell do you think this is the right thing to do? You’re causing more pollution with all these cars sitting here just doing f*** all. This is not the way to do it. You’re wrecking lives and making people hate you.’

Furious Motorist Confronts Protesters As They Barricade M25 For Fourth Time (Alamy)Alamy

As per MailOnline, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said of the protests, ‘I think it’s irresponsible, I think it’s dangerous. It’s completely counterproductive as well because they’re actually creating the pollution they want to get rid of by having cars standing still, so there’s no justification for that kind of action. I call on them to stop and the police to intervene.’

Insulate Britain issued a statement on the most recent traffic block, which read, ‘This morning, people blocked slip roads and the M25 carriageway itself in a number of locations. Once again, blue paint was poured onto the road, leading to further disruption.’


So far, 29 members of Insulate Britain have been arrested following this morning’s block, however, two protesters remained on the roads after glueing themselves to the tarmac, per The Daily Mail.

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    'You're NOT helping the cause, you're making people HATE you': Moment furious motorist confronts eco-anarchists blocking M25 for FOURTH time in week as police hold back another angry driver yelling at sit-down mob