Futurama Mobile Game Gets Launch Date And New Trailer


I was gonna start this with “Good news, everyone!” but it seems like everyone else has done that already. Ah well. Anyway, it’s been announced that the new Futurama mobile game, Game of Drones, will be launching February 25.

This exciting new Futurama title (obviously based on the great FOX cartoon) is a match-4 puzzle game with microtransactions, which should shake the world of mobile gaming to its very core, I have no doubt.

It’ll be free to download for iOS and Android systems, and while the gameplay might not seem like anything revolutionary, the story is being written by an experienced team of scribes; Dave Grossman , Jonathon Myers and Patric M. Verrone.

If you’re after some credentials, Verrone used to work on the Futurama show, and Grossman The Secret of Monkey Island. An offbeat sense of humour and that authentic Futurama vibe should be enough to set this apart from the other mobile games.

Check out a behind the scenes video below to see the team hard at work. Everything they do is entirely for your benefit. Bless ’em.

Futurama: Game of Drones isn’t actually the first time the Planet Express crew have appeared in a videogame. Back in 2003 they starred in an adventure game for PS2 and Xbox called simply Futurama – and it was fucking amazing.