Gal Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Paycheck Was Actually Surprisingly Small


Wonder Woman has just grossed $500 million in worldwide box office, promising to top Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. It begs the question: how much did its star Gal Gadot get?

$300,000. Given that actors usually receive a bonus when a film passes box office milestones, the Israeli actress will probably end up with a lot more (and probably a lot lot more with the sequels), but for a summer blockbuster, the sum may come as a surprise.

But for these superhero films, relatively low-pay (to a celebrity, of course) is almost the norm. Chris Evans earned the same amount for Captain America, while some of the Avengers cast earned $200,000. Robert Downey Jr. was the exception, raking in an eye-watering $50 million.

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Henry Cavill, of Man of Steel fame, earned a cool $14 million for his portrayal of Superman.

On the whole Wonder Woman has received better reviews than Batman v Superman and other DC movies, and if its success as a franchise continues, who knows, maybe Gal will be receiving a heftier payout in the not too distant future…