Game Of Thrones Actress Now Stars In Adult Films

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An actress who was an extra on HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones reveals how working in the adult entertainment industry boosted her self-esteem and made her happier.


22-year-old Ella Hughes from Southampton features in BBC Three’s new documentary series Sex Map of Britain where she reveals how carving out a career where she performs on camera, selling racy lingerie and doing stripteases on webcam has benefited her.

Prior to this Hughes was studying for her law degree.

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She features in the episode A Career in Porn and tells viewers how:


I hated the sound of my own voice and never thought I was pretty enough.

I struggled a lot with weight issues. I never thought in a million years I would be capable of doing something like this.

However since taking a leap into the adult entertainment industry she’s amassed a huge following of 200,000 on her Twitter and Instagram page. Her R-Rated profession even landed her a role on season six of Game Of Thrones where she appeared as a prostitute.

Hughes originally wanted to study law and had no plans to jump into adult entertainment, however due to her success she’s had to put her studies ‘on hold’.

While hasn’t completely given it up she said:

I’m halfway through that, I have postponed that for now. I did a stint doing lads’ mags, then it kind of progressed from one into the other.

Although she has found great success there will always inevitably be trolls who hound her with discerning messages, but Hughes says she pays no attention to it.


Despite being labelled as a ‘ w****, a s*** or a prostitute’ (according to The Sun one person said ‘she is riddled with STIs) she states:

… I almost kind of don’t care, because my love for my job kind of outweighs them, it conquers all.

At the end of the day I am a businesswoman, I am my own company and if that’s not power to women then what is?

While some may question her chosen profession it does give different look into the adult entertainment industry and offers an alternative opinion from the Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted which is produced by actress Rashida Jones.

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Sex Map of Britain: A Career in Porn is on BBC Three iPlayer now.

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