Game Of Thrones Cast Play Truth-Telling Game, Drop Massive Bombshells

by : Tom Percival on : 19 May 2016 14:42

WARNING: Potential spoilers for Game of Thrones, season six.


As season six of Game of Thrones continues to delve deeper into non-book territory the cast have grown more and more secretive over any potential plot spoilers.

Of course every now and again one of the cast slips up and reveals a bit more than they should, or in the case of Kit Harrington to avoid a ticket, but for the most part they’ve been good at keeping a lid on things.

Thankfully the maesters over at Yahoo have come up with a fiendish game to get the cast to reveal juicy plot details, which is so devious it’d make The Tickler proud.

The game involves actors saying three statements, two of which are true and one which is false. Yahoo played with Maisie Williams (Arya), Sophie Turner (Sansa), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran), Dean-Charles Chapman (Tommen) and Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos).


While Wright and Chapman managed to dodge the question by revealing on-set stories and Cunningham misunderstood the game, saying that a ‘character will be silenced, that’s a truth’. But Williams and Turner definitely piqued our interest with their answers.

game_of_thrones_sansa (1)game_of_thrones_sansa (1)HBO

Turner said:

  • Ramsay dies.
  • Lady Stoneheart returns.
  • Arya checks three people off her list.

Personally I’ve got my fingers crossed that one and two are the real plot threads. Ever since the Joffrey popped his royal clogs Ramsey’s been the resident bastard-in-chief and I think we’d all like to see him meet his fate.

Meanwhile Lady Stoneheart’s been teased by the showrunners for a while now and I think we’ all like to see an undead Catelyn Stark rampage.

Unfortunately while I’m keen to see Arya wreak her revenge it feels like something that can wait. However Williams does tease some Arya action.


Williams said:

  • Arya goes to Westeros, back over the sea.
  • Arya is in the trailer more times than people have realized, because they don’t realize it’s her.
  • Arya doesn’t cross any more names off her list.

If fiction’s taught me anything it’s that apprentices never finish their training so the likelihood of Arya heading back to Westeros seems pretty likely

Meanwhile I’d love to see her master the magic of the faceless men so I’m hoping that’s true as well.

sansa and arya featuredsansa and arya featuredHBO

If the last one is a lie then it ties into Turner’s prediction quite nicely as well suggesting that three people may be for the chop.

Whether these are true or not we can’t wait to see what happens in the the next heart-pounding episode of Game of Thrones.

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