Game Of Thrones Director Reveals Jon Snow’s Fate To President Obama


Sorry Game of Thrones fans but it looks like Jon Snow won’t be making a return next season, after all.

Despite speculation that the recent appearance of Kit Harington’s hair indicated his beloved character was still alive, a recent revelation to the leader of the free world would suggest otherwise.

During the GoT panel at San Diego Comic Con yesterday, director David Nutter revealed that he told President Obama himself that Jon Snow is “deader than dead”. And surely he wouldn’t lie to the President of the United States. Would he?

Variety reports that the bombshell was dropped after Obama told Nutter he was upset the show killed all of his favourite characters off.

Nutter said:

Three weeks ago, I was the in the company of the President of the United States. He turned to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, ‘You didn’t kill Jon Snow did you?’ I said, ‘Jon Snow is deader than dead’. I thought I was going to be sent to Guantanamo or something, but fortunately I’m here – but he’s dead.

So that’s that mystery solved. Maybe. You know, unless Nutter did lie to the President. Which is a possibility, let’s face it…