Game Of Thrones Mashup Of Tommen’s Reign Is Emotional As F*ck


WARNING: Game of Thrones Season Six Spoilers

With all the explosive excitement of Game of Thrones’ season six finale, it’s easy to forget poor King Tommen and his tragic death. 

The younger and far gentler brother of cruel Joffrey, Tommen had a pretty shit time as king, basically being used as a pawn by every player in the great game, which is so sad because all he ever wanted to be was a ‘good king’.

Unfortunately, Tommen was never a ‘good king’ – he was an ineffectual leader who basically doomed the kingdom with his naivety and inexperience – but the seeds weren’t necessarily sown by him.


He was first manipulated by grandfather of the year, Tywin Lannister, who unintentionally caused the Seven Kingdoms’ collapse when he told Tommen that a wise king listens to his advisers.

This led to Tommen being a puppet for the privy council, the High Sparrow, and even his dear mother who again undermined his leadership constantly.


Now, YouTuber Shahan Reviews has created a memorial video to honour the young king, mashing up his final moments and the fateful speech which undermined his kingship from the very start.

It’s actually quite sad and one of the story’s most underplayed tragedies.

Poor Tommen – all he wanted to do was play with Ser Pounce…

Tom Percival

Tom Percival

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