Game Of Thrones Season 7 Is Going To Be Longer Than We Thought


When it was announced that season seven of Game of Thrones would be three episodes short of the usual 10, Throners (definitely not what they’re called), felt robbed of 180 minutes of dragons, sex and fighting.

However there is great news for all Westerosians (still not it) because three of the episodes in the upcoming season will be quite a lot longer than 55 minutes.

Episode three will be 63 minutes long, while the penultimate and final episodes will be 71 minutes and 81 minutes, respectively.

Here is the full trailer

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The breakdown of the episode lengths are as follows, according to Watchers on the Wall:

Episode 1: 59 minutes.
Episode 2: 59 minutes.
Episode 3: 63 minutes.
Episode 4: 50 minutes.
Episode 5: 59 minutes.
Episode 6: 71 minutes.
Episode 7: 81 minutes.


It doesn’t quite make up for three episode but that season finale is almost a feature-length film!

Game of Thrones: Season Seven hits HBO on 16 July 2017.