Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain Challenges Armwrestling Champion To Match


He’s Game of Thrones’ The Mountain, The World’s Strongest Viking and all round general bad-ass, but Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is apparently not so hot on the old arm wrestling.

Icelandic born Björnsson, 26, challenged world champion armwrestler Devon Larratt to a battle of the biceps, assuredly mistaking Larratt for a small child. With Björnsson weighing in at 412lbs (29 stone) and 6’9″ to Larratt’s 225lbs (16 stone) and 6’5″, you’d expect The Mountain to romp home with a victory any day of the week.

Only Devon Larratt apparently has biceps crafted from pure granite.

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Larratt, who has won the accolade of World Armwrestling League Heavyweight Champion twice, made short work of the tall man while hardly breaking a sweat, and beat Björnsson three times in a row. Despite the loss, Björnsson took the defeat in his massive stride and graciously congratulated Larratt.

Mind you, the loss doesn’t mean that Björnsson hasn’t earned his status of Europe’s Strongest Man. He recently broke a 1000-year-old record by carrying a 9.8 metre long log on his shoulders for 5 steps. I can barely drag my own bodyweight 5 steps to the fridge, so fair play to the guy.